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Aftershock Wraps Up Three Day Festival With Crowd of 97,000+

Aftershock Festival wrapped up a rocking weekend in Sacramento, CA. The sold out festival, with 97,500 total tickets sold, took place October 11-13 at Discovery Park for its 8th year. Rock fans from all over flocked to the park to take part in all the madness. 

For the first time, Aftershock took place over the course of three days, as opposed to the scheduled two days in previous years. The strong and intense lineup included headliners Slipknot, Blink-182, and Tool, as well as other powerhouse acts, such as Lamb of God, Rob Zombie, Korn, Marilyn Manson, and many others. Each day of the festival was bursting with performances, ranging anywhere from A Day to Remember, to Dropkick Murphys, to BABYMETAL, offering enough variety for everyone. 

The weather was exceptionally perfect, going from warm afternoons to chilly evenings. Unlike at Louder Than Life, another DWP festival that took place only two weeks prior where the Kentucky humidity was suffocating, the California heat was not at all unbearable. Only one issue arose for festival goers, which was the amount of dust kicked up by the multitudes of feet trampling the park grounds. Unfortunately, that’s just how the park is; attendees, for the most part, were aware of this and brought face masks to block out inhaling any extra dust. 

Aside from music, the festival provided countless food and drink options, such as Dippin Dots, Mac Attack, Angry Bird Grill, and the always popular Island Noodles. Other vendors, such as Zippo, Take Me Home, Monster Energy Experience, and the Caduceus Wine Garden were also ready and waiting for concert goers. There was even a section of vendors called “The Green House” dedicated entirely to cannabis.

As the last of the DWP festivals for 2019, Aftershock ended the season on the right note. With the announcement of Metallica performing at numerous DWP festivals in 2020, rock fans everywhere are waiting with anticipation for the next festival season to begin. 
Gretchen Smither

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