Album Review: Atreyu – Long Live

Atreyu returns by going back to its roots with Long Live almost six years after disbanding.


Text Review:

Taking time off is essential for everyone. The amount of time will always vary from person to person and especially when considering a group of people working together all with separate families, but when you look back in the history of rock and metal you can find many bands that when time is taken off (for whatever reason), they can come back refreshed and with a force.

Enter Atreyu, the metalcore heroes from the mid and late 2000’s who are bringing their first album in almost six years. And on top of that is the promise of Atreyu going back to its roots. Along with the ecstatic posts from the band online in being back and promoting the album, Atreyu’s front man Alex Varkatzas said that:

“Absolutely no melodic vocals on my end. AMEN! Happy to get back to my roots and still bring in some new tricks. My brothers and I have made our best record yet. Can’t wait to share it with you all.”

There have been MANY promises this year of bands saying that their 2015 releases would be their best records yet, but there is still an appeal to that attitude when you haven’t heard from a name like Atreyu in years and then find out they are arriving with everything they can bring to the table.

So with the promise of a return to form from the band’s heyday and new material in Long Live, Atreyu debuted the title track of their new album with the accompanied music video. After almost six years, this was our first listen of the returned Orange County screamers.

The title track feels like it was ripped straight out of the mid-2000’s. The drums and guitar steal the show here with consistent flow, a fantastic bridge and chorus. As promised, Alex V sticks with what he does best and shouts with full impact, though there may be a hint of melody peppered in the track.

Living up to high expectations after years of silence is a difficult task. Somehow, the time off has proven well for Atreyu in that they were able to rekindle the fire that helped put them on the map. Songs like Long Live are the tracks that when heard on radio play and online are the ones that can cause an instant flashback of past fans and cause them to seek out what has been happening in 2015.

When listening through Long Live the album you get the impression that the band were careful and deliberate on what they wanted on here. Rather, they were particular in only showing their strengths and not filling up an album with material they weren’t 100% behind. An example of this are the beat driven tracks like Do You Know Who You Are & Heartbeats and Flatlines THAT BOTH fit well along with the slower songs and interlude.

I love the deep rhythm and beat in this song. The drum work and backup vocals carry this song and give this visceral feeling when you hear it. The single drawn out guitar riffs along with the bellowed chorus make everything come alive with rest of the track when you get the lyrics. It’s difficult not to sing along once you hear it and then hit replay with more volume. There is a fire in this track and it matches the rest of Long Live’s intensity.

This album is something that bands who have been out of the limelight can only dream of having. Music that reflects what made their style unique and unforgettable but at the same time is completely new and continues to deliver what people have wanted for years. What lines are repeated are memorable and even when what you think might sound cliché comes in, it still stands out as vibrant and invigorating.

In 2015 we have heard many bands come and say that their latest album is their best, and then it turn out to make the listener feel burned. Regardless of whether this is Atreyu’s best work or not, they proved that even after a 5 year hiatus they can return with a fire and deliver on the promise of making something great while holding true to their sound.

Overall, Long Live will satisfy the fans of mid 2000’s Atreyu and also bring in a new wave of listeners. All cylinders are firing together on this album that make Long Live worth searching after and playing at the loudest volume possible.



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Album Review: Atreyu – Long Live