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ARTV Talks Throwing Trash At People, Selling Out His Mom & More

Backstage at Sonic Temple Festival, Jon from ARTV demanded an interview while the show was being halted for dangerous weather conditions.  What started with concern over his behavior turned into exposing Jon for being a monster in public settings.

Interview with ARTV at Sonic Temple

This is the worst interview I have ever, Ever, EVER done! How am I even supposed to describe this to people? My credibility is shot now. Jon found me during the code yellow at Sonic Temple when the show was at a halt, grabbed one of my microphones and demanded to be interviewed.

At first I thought he was joking, but then I realized he wanted to be taken serious. He then started talking about hurting people in circle pits and throwing trash at someone. Why would anyone do that?!

It was also a mess because random people started interrupting and bombing the camera. It’s like those lame news reports where drunk people try to get themselves on TV. How is that still a thing?

You can subscribe to ARTV’s channel below if you want…but don’t enable his bad behavior.

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