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Luke Spencer

Back To Oblivion is the first album from Finch in over nine years.  How do the men behind the sound of What It Is To Burn sound almost a decade later?

My photos of Crash Midnight from Freebird in Jacksonville, Florida on 9/18/2014!  Crash Midnight is currently on tour with The Pretty Reckless and Adelitas Way.  This was the first time I saw a band where the guitarist drank a beer with one hand while playing a solo on his guitar …

My photos of The Pretty Reckless from Freebird in Jacksonville, FL on 9/18/2014.  Even though the show had very low/dark lighting, TPR really know how to get a crowd into it.  The audio was fantastic and Taylor really gets into it.

An interview with the singer and songwriter of Adelitas Way.  Rick talks about the new album Stuck, working with record labels, writing, the current scene of rock, and how to get banned from playing in cities! Recorded at Freebird in Jacksonville, FL on 9/18/2014.  You can check out my photos …

My photos of Adelitas Way live in Jacksonville, FL!  They are currently on tour with The Pretty Reckless.  They put on an intense show on a pretty narrow stage.  Rick still found away to throw some equipment around though.  

The new album from Motionless In White promises to be heavier than all their previous works combined.   Does Reincarnate deliver on MIW’s intentions?

Now voiced by Kristen May, how does Texas’ little rock sweethearts sound with new vocals while still trying to continue their career?

Sin City’s Otherwise release a range of rock in their fourth full album.  How does the evolution of the Patrick Brothers and company work from their past success of True Love Never Dies?

The Swedish kings of video game metal bring out their sixth full album Phantom Shadow.  How does an album with less 8-bit bleeps and more instruments and atmosphere work for a group who is so identified with their unique style?

Long running Canadian band Thousand Foot Krutch release a new album with an emphasis on inspiration and a resemblance of motivation.  Is it worth owning, or should you hold your breath? Yes I’m aware of how bad the pun was.