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Album Reviews

A review on Judas, the seventh full album from Fozzy. Drink it in, maaannnnnnnnnn.

A review on The Killers’ new album Wonderful Wonderful that attempts to change things up a bit from their past albums.

A review on Nothing More’s proclaimed introspective journey The Stories We Tell Ourselves.

A review on Arch Enemy’s 10th full album Will To Power and a listen at their attempt to incorporate something different while staying true to their sound.

A review of All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell, the Emily Dickinson inspired sophomore album from PVRIS.

An album review on Villains, the seventh full album from Queens of the Stone Age.  

A review on the self-titled Dead Cross album featuring Mike Patton, Dave Lombardo and a massive amount of insanity.

An album review of In This Moment’s sixth full album: the thematic and rhythmic Ritual.

A review on Hydrograd, the sixth full album by Stone Sour.