The fifth studio album from New Jersey’s hardcore heroes.  How does a mellower and more personal album sound when compared to their energetic discography?

It’s the end of an era with Florida’s Anberlin calling it over on a high note with Lowborn.  How does this 10+year band sound in their farewell?

Whether you like them or not, Coldplay is a phenomenon in the music world.  How does their album about a broken heart and haunting sound?

A review of the eighth full album from everyone’s favorite Akron boys.   I predict at least 20 more Grammy wins from this album alone.

Utah’s pop-rock sensation Neon Trees release their new album and in turn continue what they’ve already been bringing up to the table.  Can Pop Psychology be as upbeat as their wardrobe and hairstyles are? …yes.  It can. FOLLOW Rocked on Twitter here =

Atlanta based Manchester influenced alternative group present their home made album that offers to pick up the intensity.  How will this promise play out and how will it compare to their past work?

Kentucky based Sleeper Agent release their sophomore album About Last Night.  Headlined by Waves, can this upbeat alternative group stay afloat in a sea of other alternative folk groups? FOLLOW Rocked on Twitter here =

The side project of The Deftones’ Chino Moreno finally comes with a full LP.  How do the new songs sound when put with the previous EP tracks we’ve already heard?_______LIKE Rocked on Facebook here = Rocked on Twitter …

Britain’s Bombay Bicycle Club brings a big blast of breakthrough experimental music.  …that was as many B words as I could think of that still fit the context.___________LIKE Rocked on Facebook here = Rocked on Twitt…

The eighth full album (not including many live albums) from Scotland’s Mogwai.  How do these murderous little monsters finish off everyone this Christma…wait…that’s not right. ……….still a great album!Please like, comment, subscribe, and …