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Album Review: Anthrax – For All Kings

Metal legends Anthrax deliver their 11th full album For All Kings.

Album Review: Amon Amarth – Jomsviking

Sweden’s Amon Amarth bring a tale of love and vengeance in Jomsviking.

Album Review: Belzebubs – Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods

A review on Pantheon Of The Nightside Gods,an album from the uncrowned champions of melodic black metal: Belzebubs.

Album Review: Dream Theater – The Astonishing

Dream Theater tell a tale of the rebellion to save music through a 34 track rock opera.

Album Review: Arch Enemy – Will To Power

A review on Arch Enemy’s 10th full album Will To Power and a listen at their attempt to incorporate something different while staying true...

Album Review: Cradle Of Filth – Hammer Of The Witches

The reigning kings of black metal return with new band members (again) and their eleventh full album.   Text Review: Black metal is a very polarizing sub-genre...

Album Review: Delain – Moonbathers

Dutch symphonic metal band Delain attempt to go in many directions with the new album “Moonbathers”.   Text Review: There are some musical juxtapositions that should never...

Album Review: Testament – Brotherhood Of The Snake

Testament return with a rhythm and progression in its thrash on the new album Brotherhood Of The Snake.   Text Review: You cannot say thrash is dead...

Album Review: Danzig – Skeletons

Glenn Danzig and company cover songs that shaped a career including the likes of Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, and Elvis.   Text Review: Talking about the legacy of...

Album Review: Simus – Vox Vult

Italy's Simus start off 2015 with their take on progressive metal.  Spearheaded by The Soulmaker, how will the Italian metal appeal to other countries...

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