Metal Band Member Interviews

Lacey Sturm takes a couple minutes to talk about life on the road with her family, mosh pits, and not giving up. You can purchase Lacey Sturm’s new album “Life Screams” by clicking here.

Johannes and John of Avatar stop to talk about their new album Feathers & Flesh, the smell of methane in Texas, and let me know that it’s 2016! Click here to see my live photos of Avatar at Welcome To Rockville 2016!

Richard Patrick and Rotten Bobby of Filter stop to talk about Donald Trump’s baby hands, Pledge Music and how it’s helping musicians, and the future of Filter.  All while trying not to be blown away in a wind storm! Click here to see my live photos of Filter at Welcome …

Josh and Rob from Psychostick take some time at MAGfest 2016 to talk about their YouTube Fair Use issues, a mountain of underwear, and a Psychostick videogame!

Chris, Lance, and Tim of From Ashes To New stop and talk about their upcoming album, having a stroke onstage, and dressing up as animals.

Mike and Ben take some time during the Break A Leg tour with the Foo Fighters to talk about the writing process, sitting in parliament, and apology to all future fans!

Matt, Misha, and Spencer stop by before a hurricane to talk about their new albums, playing video games, wearing banana hammocks, and showing Chris Jericho their privates! You can see my live photos of Periphery at Welcome To Rockville here =

After opening the Jack Daniel’s stage at Welcome To Rockville, Like A Storm talk about touring, bringing out the storm that caused 55,000 people to evacuate, and being confused with the singer of Puddle of Mudd. You can see my live photos of Like A Storm at Welcome To Rockville …

After their performance at Welcome To Rockville, Danny and Jeff talk about women, the message in their new album, women, breaking into the rock scene, and women! You can see my live photos of We Are Harlot at Welcome to Rockville here =

Dustin and Ron of Starset talk after their performance at Welcome To Rockville about their debut album, getting grabbed, and having all the ladies wanting to tour with them! You can see my photos of Starset at Welcome To Rockville here =