Metal Band Member Interviews

Ben and Fraser of Young Guns stop to talk about their upcoming album, performing in sweaty Florida, and being chased by crazy fans on a boat! You can see my photos of Young Guns at Welcome To Rockville here =

Kristen and Sameer take some time to talk about Between The Stars, an actual place called T. T. Bears, and bringing pets to festivals!

Sworn Enemy take a minute to talk about their upcoming tour, Katy Perry’s breasts, and then get mooned by some of the guys from Biohazard!

After blowing everyone away (and making the ladies go crazy) at MAGFest13, the guys from On Being Human talk about the games their Minecraft addiction, an upcoming album, and a live version of Tinder!  You can see my photos of On Being Human’s performance at MAGFest13 here =

After their performance at MAGFest13, the men behind the supremacy talk about touring, writing, crazy fans, and how they can do everything better than YOU! You can check out my photos of MaSu’s live performance here =

A Skype interview with Crobot’s vocalist Brandon Yeagley.  We talk about Crobot’s upcoming tours with Chevelle, Black Label Society and Volbeat.  We also talk about what the splash zone refers to and beard conditioner!

Currently on tour with Nonpoint, the guys from Gemini Syndrome take some time to discuss their future plans, their fans, and sing some Rebecca Black! See my live photos of Gemini Syndrome in concert here!

An interview with the singer and songwriter of Adelitas Way.  Rick talks about the new album Stuck, working with record labels, writing, the current scene of rock, and how to get banned from playing in cities! Recorded at Freebird in Jacksonville, FL on 9/18/2014.  You can check out my photos …

An interview with Ricky and Ryan backstage at Welcome To Rockville.  They discuss a little about their new album Reincarnate (coming later this year) and their musical influence! You can also check out photos of Motionless In White from their set at Rockville by clicking on the pics below!

What starts as an interview with the vocals and drums of Gemini Syndrome turns into a meeting with one of the voices of Lacuna Coil!  Heck no I’m not stopping the camera and missing all this! Here’s hoping maybe one day we can see both bands on the same tour …