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Patreon Requests

A look back at Gojira’s The Way Of All Flesh from 2008.

A review on Unleash The Archer’s fourth full album Apex.  

A look back at Tenacious D’s sophomore album/soundtrack to the cinematic masterpiece The Pick of Destiny.

A look back at Nickelback’s 1998 album (later reissued in 2000) The State.

A look back at Unleash The Archer’s third full album from 2015 Time Stands Still.

A look back at the official soundtrack for Gitaroo Man on PlayStation2.

A look back at Fire From The God’s full length debut Narrative.   Text Review: In this Patreon requested album review I was asked to listen to Narrative, the debut …

A look back at Rise Against’s 2008 album Appeal To Reason.

A look back at Agalloch’s 2002 sophomore album The Mantle.