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Patreon Requests

A look back at The Birthday Massacre’s 2014 album Superstition.

A Patreon requested look back at Poynte’s debut album Discreet Enemy.

A look back at Pyramaze’s 2006 prog metal album Legend Of The Bone Carver.

A look back at Gorillaz’ self-titled debut from 2001.

A look back at Swoon: Silversun Pickup’s second full album from 2009.

A look back at Lateralus: Tool’s third full album from 2001.

A look back at Rammstein’s 2004 release Reise, Reise.

A look back at an album from a band outside of its generation: …The Dandy Warhols Come Down.

A look back at the winner of Loudwire’s Best Rock Album of 2013: Rise by Skillet.