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Corey Taylor VS MGK | The Podcast That Rocked

The Podcast That Rocked for 9/21/21 ft. Crash Thompson. Discussion on the MGK Riot Fest controversy and Corey Taylor VS MGK, Mudvayne’s return being stopped, Dave Mustaine’s thoughts on tyranny, and more. 

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Discussion Topics:
-MGK trying to go after Slipknot and Corey Taylor at Riot Fest, and how it’s making MGK look worse. 
Mudvayne’s Chad Grey and some of the team getting Covid, canceling Louder Than Life appearance. 
-Dave Mustaine takes time during Metal Tour Of The Year to talk about tyranny and masks. 
-2022 co-headline tour for Ghost and Volbeat announced in the US. 
-Disturbed and Staind to briefly tour together after Korn/Staind tour. It feels like Staind is just latching on to more popular bands from 20 years ago.
-Billboard Top 3, and more. 

You can find Machine Gun Karen’s lame thing at Riot Fest below, along with the Tweets from both MGK and Corey Taylor.

Click here for a video on
Trashcore: When Metalcore Gets Desperate!

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