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Crazy Fan Stories From Bands

At Welcome To Rockville 2019 and Sonic Temple 2019, I asked every band I was able to speak with “What are the craziest fan stories you have?” 

This video is a compilation of the responses of when asked about crazy fan stories.  Featuring members of Skillet, Killswitch Engage, Dorothy, Zeal & Ardor, Amigo The Devil, Wage War, The Struts, Grandson, Boston Manor, Palaye Royale, While She Sleeps, and Wilson!

Crazy Fan Stories From Bands

You can check out GoPro compilation video footage of Welcome To Rockville 2019 and Sonic Temple 2019 below!

Welcome To Rockville 2019 Was Awesome!
Sonic Temple 2019 Was Awesome!

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Click here to watch an interview with The Struts at Sonic Temple.

Thank you to everyone who has kept up with festival coverage this past month. It’s a lot of work but I had some great help in covering everything from photos to interviews and then all the GoPro shenanigans.

The Rock Coliseum finally got together in the same room and had a Sonic Temple recap on the final night. You can check that out below.

Sonic Temple 2019 Recap (Feat. The Rock Coliseum)