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Five Finger Death Punch – F8 | Album Review

A review on F8, the eighth full album from Five Finger Death Punch.  This album is the proclaimed rebirth of the band after getting clean and trying to return to form. 

F8 Album Review

Five Finger Death Punch, also abbreviated as 5FDP or FFDP, is an American heavy metal band from Las Vegas, Nevada. Formed in 2005, the band’s name comes from kung fu cinema. The band originally consisted of vocalist Ivan Moody, guitarist Zoltan Bathory, guitarist Caleb Andrew Bingham, bassist Matt Snell, and drummer Jeremy Spencer. Bingham was replaced by guitarist Darrell Roberts in 2006, who was then replaced by Jason Hook in 2009. Bassist Matt Snell departed from the band in 2010, and was replaced by Chris Kael in 2011. Spencer then departed the band in 2018 due to re-occurring back issues, and was replaced by Charlie Engen, making Bathory and Moody the only original members of the band. 

F8 is the upcoming eighth studio album by American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch. Scheduled to be released on February 28, 2020, the album is considered a “rebirth” of the band, according to guitarist Zoltan Bathory.  It is also the band’s first album with new drummer Charlie Engen who replaced Jeremy Spencer in 2018. 

“Inside Out”
“Full Circle”
“Living The Dream”

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