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Gojira Bring The Fire | Photos | Sonic Temple 2019

Photos of Gojira at Sonic Temple.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
in Columbus, OH on May 18th, 2019.

After Gojira finished their set on the main stage at Sonic Temple, they proved to everyone just how metal they are.

That’s a big cliche to lay out as you hear many bands talk about how metal they are, but Gojira has raised that bar by a mile. What started out as a great show including a surprise appearance from Randy Blythe, turned into an immolation to the metal gods.

During bursts of pyro on a windy day in Columbus, Christian Andreu was engulfed in flame and caught fire mid song. After the song was over and seeking the attention, Joe Duplantier took to the mic asking if he was OK.

After a few slow riffs and nervous waiting, Joe asked that the crowd get Christian back on stage through chanting his name. A few moments later Andreu returned and finished the entire set with Gojira.

Whether it was Christian’s return or the band just being on their game, this was by far one of the best performances of the entire festival. The mosh pit and crowd surfers for “Stranded” looked like a crash test dummy testing site. No one could stay still and Gojira had every Temple patron’s attention.

Backbone (with Randy Blythe)
Flying Whales
The Cell

Gojira will be going on the Knotfest Roadshow with Slipknot. You can find upcoming tour dates on their Facebook page here: Gojira on Facebook

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