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It’s Corey Taylor Week | The Podcast That Rocked

The Podcast That Rocked episode for 9/29/20 ft. Geaux Gretchen. Discussion on Corey Taylor’s big breakout week as a solo artist, Alice In Chains celebrating two anniversaries, Burton Bell leaving Feat Factory, Coldplay’s 20th anniversary of Parachutes, and more. 

It’s Corey Taylor Week | The Podcast That Rocked 
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Discussion Topics: 
-Corey Taylor’s debut solo album CMFT and live stream concert Forum Or Against Em are 10/2/20. 
-Alice In Chains celebrates two album anniversaries on 9/29. 
-Coldplay plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Parachutes. 
-Fear Factory’s Burton Bell leaves the band after 20 years. 
-We found a crazy video from tour footage filming fans at a Judas Preist show in 1986. Yikes. 
-Billboard Mainstream Top 3 

Coming this week is a Discography Tier List and next week will be a list video (both on the main YouTube channel). Thanks for listening and consider supporting Rocked on Patreon. Link for more info below.

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Corey Taylor – “HWY 666”
Chris Cornell – “Patience”
Smith & Myers – “Bad Guy”
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