The newest entry in the ever growing Linkin Park discography is advertised as offering a forceful return to the guitar-driven, rap-laced rock of their breakthrough debut.  Is there any resemblance of Hybrid Theory in this 2014 album?

Supergroup Hellyeah release their next all loud album Blood For Blood.  Will this be a step in the right direction for the Hellyeah fanbase?

Kickstarter funds have funded another album.  This time from Australia’s prog metal band Voyager.  Is V a voyage worth listening to?

Sin City’s Adelitas Way bring out their third full album led by a dog on a leash.  Did the group bring something new and refreshing, or is this another album that is stuck in with the rest of today’s market?

My photos of Sir Sly who opened up for The1975!  All photos were taken on 5-19-2014 at Freebird Live in Jacksonville, FL.

My photos of Bad Suns who are currently on tour with The1975!  All photos were taken at Freebird Live in Jacksonville, FL on 5-19-2014.

Spider One and company are finally back after five years from their previous release.  How does the new album from the space rockers take off in 2014?

My photos of The1975!  All photos were taken at Freebird Live in Jacksonville, FL on 5-21-2014.  Click on the pictures below to see the gallery!

Whether you like them or not, Coldplay is a phenomenon in the music world.  How does their album about a broken heart and haunting sound?

My photos of Emmure from Welcome to Rockville!  All photos were taken on 4/27/2014.