After two decades of metal, Napalm Death release another sinister beast with enough volume and power to devour you whole.  How much bite does this apex predator have? Text Review: There are few metal bands that can stand the test of time and evolution of a genre like Napalm Death.  …

Italy’s Simus start off 2015 with their take on progressive metal.  Spearheaded by The Soulmaker, how will the Italian metal appeal to other countries in our metal world?

My favorite albums of 2014!  Channel Awesome Cameos!  Speech Bubbles!  Dancing!  AHHHHHHHH!!!

A series looking at my all time favorite albums.  This time, it’s the 1997 self-titled release from Days of the New.

The second entry of the “Teargarden By Kaleidyscope” album trilogy, Billy Corgan continues with guest musicians and many different directions.  Will this album continue The Smashing Pumpkin’s legacy or will this also turn into an elegy?

My photos of ’68, who opened for Anblerin before their final performance.  All pictures were taken at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida.  These guys did not skimp on the song and dance routine and actually had everyone laughing at the show.  With such zingers as: “We are ZZ …

Ohio’s Walk The Moon present their sophomore release filled with more positive upbeat alternative rock.  This is also the first time an album will tell you to “Shut Up” and you’ll enjoy it. To see my photos of Walk The Moon live click here =

On November 26, 2014 Anberlin performed their final concert in their backyard of Orlando, FL.  Instead of me just giving a recap of the show, I decided to give the fans in attendance a chance to send a message to the band. Thank you, Anberlin.

My photos of Anberlin’s final performance ever at the House of Blues in Orlando, FL.  All photos were taken on 11/26/2014. Going in I thought that it would be a very somber and emotional scene, but it turned out to be the opposite.  There was a sense of happiness and peace …

Ben Sharp’s one man project Cloudkicker teams up with Intronaut to produce a live album without uttering a word in the music.  Just how well does this live recording brainchild sound?