An interview with We As Human at Welcome to Rockville!  They talk about festivals, the Carnival of Madness, working with Lacey Sturm, the bands that have helped them out, and pranks! Recorded in Jacksonville, FL on 4/26/2014. You can also see photos of their live set at Rockville by clicking …

Recorded backstage at Welcome to Rockville on 4/26/2014!  A truly deep and personal interview.  Every word is pure poetry.  Photo album coming soon! You can also check out photos of their live performance at Rockville by clicking on the picture below!

Utah’s pop-rock sensation Neon Trees release their new album and in turn continue what they’ve already been bringing up to the table.  Can Pop Psychology be as upbeat as their wardrobe and hairstyles are? …yes.  It can. FOLLOW Rocked on Twitter here =

My photos of Local Natives live in Jacksonville, FL.  All photos were taken on 4/17/14 at Freebird.

Los Angeles trio Kyng bring in a flaming boatload of hard rock and metal.  You’ll get that joke once you see the album cover. FOLLOW Rocked on Twitter here =

Atlanta based Manchester influenced alternative group present their home made album that offers to pick up the intensity.  How will this promise play out and how will it compare to their past work?

Kentucky based Sleeper Agent release their sophomore album About Last Night.  Headlined by Waves, can this upbeat alternative group stay afloat in a sea of other alternative folk groups? FOLLOW Rocked on Twitter here =

The first independent release from 311 in two decades.  How does the reggae infused Stereolithic sound in fifteen new songs from the mainstays of the rock scene?

Led by Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless release their new sexualized and dark Going To Hell.  Will people be able to enjoy the music without being distracted by a former child star and singer who is not afraid to bare it all?

It’s the return of I Killed The Prom Queen after a five year hiatus.  What does Australian metalcore sound like in 2014?LIKE Rocked on Facebook here = Rocked on Twitter here =