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Pearl Jam – Gigaton | Album Review

A video review on Gigaton, the eleventh studio album from Pearl Jam.  How do the grunge standard-bearers hold up in 2020? 

Video Album Review | Pearl Jam – Gigaton

Pearl Jam is an American rock band formed in 1990 in SeattleWashington. As of 2020, the band’s lineup consists of founding members Jeff Ament (bass guitar), Stone Gossard (rhythm guitar), Mike McCready (lead guitar), and Eddie Vedder (lead vocals, guitar), as well as Matt Cameron (drums), who joined in 1998. Keyboardist Boom Gaspar has also been a touring/session member with the band since 2002. Drummers Jack IronsDave KrusenMatt Chamberlain, and Dave Abbruzzese are former members of the band. 

Gigaton is the upcoming eleventh studio album by the American rock band Pearl Jam, scheduled to be released on March 27, 2020.  It was preceded by the singles “Dance of the Clairvoyantsand “Superblood Wolfmoon“. #PearlJam #Gigaton #Rocked #SuperbloodWolfmoon #DanceOfTheClairvoyants #Grunge #EddieVedder #Album Review 

“Dance Of The Clairvoyants”
“Superblood Wolfmoon”
“Quick Escape”

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