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Periphery and St. Louis Worship Stan Together | Photos

Photos of Periphery at The Pageant.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
on October 3rd, 2019 in St. Louis, MO.

“HAIL STAN! HAIL STAN! HAIL STAN!” That was the chant being shouted by hundreds at The Pageant (I can’t imagine what venue staff and people who could hear outside must have thought). This stop in St. Louis was the final performance on the Hail Stan Tour. If the sold out merch tables indicate anything, then the tour has gone well. Opening with the 16-minute “Reptile”, Periphery gave their fans exactly what they wanted in a technical and well-executed show through the night. Followed up by “Chvrch Burner”, the night featured and celebrated songs from the band’s latest album Periphery IV: Hail Stan.

This was my second time seeing the band perform, the first being at Welcome To Rockville 2015. Over four years since then, it appeared to me that Periphery have worked on how to make the music stand out and set the base for the fans in attendance. Wild strobe lights for an hour definitely add to the experience, but it was the band’s ability to take their positions at the right times and perform at a precise and specific level for each song’s requirement. Not once did it feel like the group was just there to strum along and finish the night. Everything felt specific and calculated.

As the night went on and songs like “Scarlet” and “Marigold” played, the set felt like a bonding experience with the crowd. For everyone in attendance at The Pageant, Periphery gave the fans exactly what they came for. St. Louis doesn’t always get some of the bigger tours that go through the United States, so it feels special when bands like this make a stop at the gateway to the west. Here’s hoping they return to St. Louis soon, and here’s hoping for continued success and unbridled creativity for the band.

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“Chvrch Burner”
“Blood Eagle”

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