Home Photos Photos: DROPOUT KINGS at Fubar in St. Louis, MO 7/29/2018

Photos: DROPOUT KINGS at Fubar in St. Louis, MO 7/29/2018

On July 29th, the Arizona-based band Dropout Kings performed as direct support to Otep on her 2018 summer tour. It was a rainy day in St. Louis, MO., but that didn’t keep people from flooding Fubar to see the show. The energy from the moderately sized crowd was high as the 6 piece band took to the stage.

Dropout kings had a unique sound of their own as they played songs with a nu-metal/rap feel. The music was a refreshing change from the same recycled tones that typically come from the nu-metal genre. Dropout King’s opened the set with their newly released single “Going Rogue”, featuring Landon Tewers of The Plot In You. Vocalists Adam Ramey and Eddie Wellz commanded the crowd with ease, even jumping in the pit a few times to get close to fans.

You would have never known this was their first tour with the enthusiasm they brought to the stage. Each member had a unique stage presence, slightly different from the others but in a way that made them fit well together. They ended the show with just as much power as they started, showing that they truly have a passion for what they do.

Dropout Kings are continuing their tour with Otep.  You can find tour dates and info on their upcoming album on their Facebook page.  Click on any photo below to open the gallery and scroll below the photos to watch the music video for “Scratch & Claw”.

Photos of Dropout Kings at Fubar

All photos taken by Chelsea Dufresne

in St. Louis, MO on July 30th, 2018.