Photos: KYNG at Maverick’s in Jacksonville, FL 8/4/2017

Photos of Kyng at Maverick’s.  All photos taken by Luke Spencer on August 4th, 2017 in Jacksonville, FL.

Supporting HELLYEAH, Kyng have been on tour promoting their latest album Breathe In The Water from 2016.  I had recently seen Kyng in Chicago last month at Chicago Open Air.  What I noticed at performances is that Kyng is about the music.  There isn’t a gimmick or distracting presentation, it’s about the sound and making something loud and impressive.  For a three piece band to make their names doing that in today’s gimmick filled market is quite a feat.

You can watch the music video for Kyng’s “Breathe In The Water” below.  Scroll below the video and click on any photo to open the gallery for Kyng’s set in Jacksonville.



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Photos: KYNG at Maverick’s in Jacksonville, FL 8/4/2017