Home Photos Photos: SLOTHRUST at Aftershock in Sacramento, CA 10/14/2018

Photos: SLOTHRUST at Aftershock in Sacramento, CA 10/14/2018

On day two at the Capital Stage, Boston’s Slothrust brought their gritty alt rock to a crowd that was ready for a long day of sun and shenanigans.  This was my first time seeing Slothrust live and what captivated me most was the ability of all three band members to totally be absorbed in the music.  All while playing under a highway overpass.

This is the type of band that people need to see more of.  A group of musicians that are about the basics and making music without insane backtracks and modding effects in the sound.  This is raw and real and you can hear it from them.  Slothrust’s latest album The Pact came out last month and that sound also is heard there.

Slothrust is currently touring through the US.  You can find tour dates on their Facebook page here: Slothrust on Facebook

Click on any photo below to open the gallery and scroll below the photos to watch music videos from songs on The Pact.

Photos of Slothrust.

All photos taken by Luke Spencer

in Sacramento, CA on October 14th. 2018.