Home Photos Photos: SWITCHFOOT on Looking For Summer Tour in Orlando, FL 8/26/2017

Photos: SWITCHFOOT on Looking For Summer Tour in Orlando, FL 8/26/2017

Photos of Switchfoot on Looking For Summer Tour.  All photos taken by Luke Spencer in Orlando, Florida on August 26, 2017.

It was a disgusting, sweaty day and night at Central Florida Fairgrounds in Orlando after the daily rainstorm.  While the threat of rain continued to loom in Orlando, it held out with barely a sprinkle throughout the Looking For Summer stop.  Switchfoot took the stage and Jon Foreman announced to the crowd how special Orlando was to the band.

While many bands stick to the stage, members of Switchfoot made it a point to walk out to the catwalk and reach out to the soaked fans as well as even go into the crowd itself during the near hour set.  One highlight was when Foreman stopped the show to have the crowd all say in unison “We Love You, Josh” in direction at one of Switchfoot’s crew who helped with the setup that day in the rain (I believe it was Josh…it was hard to hear at that point so sorry if it wasn’t).

The two biggest moments were saved for the end.  It started with the final song of Switchfoot’s set “Dare You To Move” which featured vocals from Lifehouse’s Jason Wade for the first verse.  Wade definitely made a great song that much more memorable.  The second moment was when Foreman floated on his back and crowd-surfed along the mass as the set closed out.

It was a peaceful night.  In a world (and Orlando itself) that is quite simply chaotic at concerts, this was one of the best nights to hear a band perform music and not be able to find one person without a smile on their face.  Click on any photo below to open the gallery and scroll below the photos to see the live video for the song “If The House Burns Down Tonight”.