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Smash Mouth Isn’t Worth Dying For | The Podcast That Rocked

The Podcast That Rocked episode for 8/11/2020 ft. Geaux Gretchen.  Discussion on Smash Mouth and other bands playing at Sturgis, Stone Sour on indefinite hiatus, Nickelback teasing new music, and more. 

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Smash Mouth Isn’t Work Dying For
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Discussion Topics:
-Sturgis Rally happened and Smash Mouth said “F*** COVID” and I can’t stop laughing about a bunch of manly bikers singing along to “All Star”.
-Trapt did not get nearly as many people in the crowd as Smash Mouth at the same event and Trapt made sure to lie about it.
-Stone Sour is on an indefinite hiatus. I love the band, love their albums, and it’s totally understandable that we may not get any Stone Sour for a while.
-Nickelback teased something vague on social media and everyone had something to say. Here’s hoping it’s something good, because if it’s bad then it’s more fuel on the Nickelback fire.
-Linkin Park are teasing something for Hybrid Theory‘s 20th Anniversary.
-The Pretty Reckless have kept the #1 mainstream rock song for the third week in a row.
-Working on a new video about live albums. Does anyone else miss live music? I miss live music. And live events. And live everything. 2020 will never end. It’ll be a Groundhog’s Day situation where Dec 31st, 2020 comes and the next day is Jan 1st, 2020 all over again.
-Please register to vote. It’s easy and free. Easy google search can help. Last election was decided by people who didn’t vote. This year, everyone NEEDS to vote.

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