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Soundgarden VS Vicky Cornell | The Podcast That Rocked

The Podcast That Rocked for 2/23/21. Discussion on the ongoing lawsuit by Vicky Cornell against the remaining members of Soundgarden, Corey Taylor’s thoughts on new rock artists, Metallica’s muted performance on Twitch, and more. 

Soundgarden VS Vicky Cornell | The Podcast That Rocked 
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Discussion Topics: 
-Vicky Cornell, widow of Chris, is suing toward revenue made from past Soundgarden material and claiming the buyout over past recorded materials against touring revenue and merchandise is inadequate. 
-Corey Taylor is saying that new rock artists need to do something fresh. Everything now is stale, safe, and has no identity. 
-Metallica bitten by the DCMA takedown issue while performing live on Twitch for Blizzcon, resulting in their audio being replaced with folk music. 
-New album updates from Dropkick Murphys, Shinedown. 
-Billboard Mainstream Rock Top 3 

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Thanks to everyone that tuned in live on YouTube and Twitch. Sorry about the technical difficulties but it looks like Streamlabs was having issues again. Hopefully it’ll be sorted out next time. Join us for New Music Night this Sunday at 7PM EST!