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Starset’s “My Demons” Is Certified Gold


My Demons,” a fan favorite by visionary media collective STARSET and their first message to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, has been certified Gold by the RIAA. Appearing on the band’s debut album Transmissions, the epic single peaked at #2 on rock radio and now has over 68 million streams on Spotify and over 150 million aggregate YouTube views.

It’s the unique vision and goals of founder, frontman, and aural architect Dustin Bates that have truly allowed Starset, who are part-cinematic rock band and part-conceptual storytelling unit, to flourish. Bates is not only an audio alchemist but also a PhD candidate in electrical engineering. He has conducted research for the U.S. Air Force and has also taught at the International Space University in France — he is actively dedicated to promoting science to a wider audience. The band was also the subject of its own Marvel graphic novel The Prox Transmissions.

Thanks to the music and the sci-fi concept, along with the videos, novels, websites, and “can’t miss” live shows, Starset are blurring the line between art and science, offering fans a fully immersive experience that is truly unlike any other.

The band just released Vessels 2.0 on September 28. The deluxe version of last year’s sophomore effort Vessels includes reimagined, acoustic, and remixed versions of songs, along with an unexpected cover, for a total of nine new tracks.

The band shared the suspenseful new video for “Bringing It Down.” Watch it here.

The dreamy version of “Die for You,” dropped on August 24. Listen here.

The cover of Type O Negative’s “Love You to Death” premiered at Loudwire. Listen here.