Rocked Regretting The Past

My theory is that anyone who bought this album REALLY wishes they had their money back. Big thanks to Spectrum Pulse and Geaux Gretchen for their help.  Please subscribe to their channels below: Spectrum Pulse = Geaux Gretchen = Theory of a Deadman (abbreviated as Theory) is a Canadian rock band from Delta, …

I love Slayer, but if the Devil really is in music then he definitely is responsible for the band going nu-metal. Huge thanks to Malcolm Ray for having The Devil come by!  Follow him on Twitter @MalcolmtheRay 

Highlights of the 20K live stream celebration. Thanks again to everyone who watched live and donated!

How could this happen to ME?!  HOW?!  WHY DO YOU ENJOY WATCHING ME LISTEN TO THIS?!

After releasing One More Light, is the Linkin Park we used to love gone for good?  Will we ever be happy again with Linkin Park?