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The Podcast That Rocked | A Day To Eventually Remember (ft. The Rock Critic & Geaux Gretchen)

The Podcast That Rocked episode for November 12th, 2019 featuring The Rock Critic & Geaux Gretchen.  We break down the A Day To Remember situation with their album delay, new tours in 2020 from big bands, festival speculation and more.

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Discussion Topics and Timestamps: 
-A Day To Remember delay their album and we speculate the problems 1:34 
-New tours coming from In This Moment, Shinedown, and Alter Bridge 21:11 
-Sonic Temple and other festival speculation on who will be the other headliner with Metallica 50:28 
-Fred Durst reappears in a CarMax commercial 1:00:58 
-Warrant’s “Cherry Pie” might be the grossest sexy song ever 1:05:55

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Links to music and videos discussed:

A Day To Remember – “Degenerates”
In This Moment (ft. Rob halford) – “Black Wedding”
Shinedown – “Attention Attention”
Alter Bridge – “Wouldn’t You Rather”
CarMax Commercial ft. Fred Durst
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