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The Used Disrupts The Night In The Midwest | Photos | St. Louis, MO

Photos of The Used at Rockstar Disrupt Festival.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
in St. Louis, MO on July 15th, 2019.

It was twelve months ago that The Used visited St. Louis, MO as a part of the final Vans’ Warped Tour. Twelve months later, they return with the Rockstar Disrupt Festival.

While on stage during the endless rainstorm that Monday, it felt like the band was there to make a statement. Whether that statement was a direct remark and saying goodbye to Trump, or encouraging everyone to raise their middle finger, it was clear that they had a sense of focus and energy in their performance.

The band is currently promoting their latest album The Canyon which came out in 2017. Here’s hoping we will hear new music soon.

Take It Away
The Bird and the Worm
All That I’ve Got
The Taste of Ink
I Caught Fire
Buried Myself Alive
Blood on My Hands
Pretty Handsome Awkward
A Box Full of Sharp Objects

The Used will be continuing on the road with Rockstar Disrupt Festival this summer. You can find upcoming tour dates and more information on the band’s Facebook page here: The Used on Facebook

Click on any photo above to open the gallery. Watch the music video for “Over And Over Again” below.

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