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Top 10 BEST Albums Of 2019

2019 was a great year for rock, metal,
alternative, indie, and everything in between. 

This video is a look at the best
this year had to offer with the
Top 10 Best Albums Of 2019.

Watch below to see the full list with explanations,
honorable mentions, and celebrate music in 2019!

Top 10 Best Albums Of 2019

The past year had more amazing music than several of the past years put together. It felt like in 2019, many new bands and artists finally stepped up and refused to settle for radio format mediocrity while BIG name bands returned to prove they still had it.

The video above is a top 10 (with some honorable mentions) on what stood out the most. It was not an easy list to make as there were many candidates with quality to choose from this year. I feel optimistic going into the next decade now ready to be proven once again why rock is not dead.

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Check out music from each band featured below:

Slipknot – “Unsainted”
Moon Tooth – “Awe At All Angles”
PUP – “Free At Last”
La Dispute – “Rose Quartz / Fulton Street”
TOOL – “7empest”
Lingua Ignota – “Caligula (Album Teaser)”
Sum 41 – “A Death In The Family”
Rival Sons – “Too Bad”
Whitechapel – “When A Demon Defiles A Witch”
Fever 333 – “Burn It”

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