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Wage War Return To Their Home State | Photos | Welcome To Rockville 2019

At Welcome To Rockville 2019, it was a homecoming for Florida’s Wage War. Where on day one Beartooth had the wildest crowed, it was Wage War who had that title on day two.

While Wage War made a good name in front of national crowds at Warped Tour over the years it appears that they have more than earned their fanbase through their heavy sound.

Looks can be deceiving for the Ocala natives as on the surface you may not expect just how deep their lyrics are AND how crushing their music can be. Those babyfaces know how to shred and cause a riot.

Wage War will be continuing the Low Tour along with making festival appearances through the summer. You can find more information on the band’s Facebook page here: Wage War on Facebook

Click on the slider gallery above to scroll through the photos. Check out the music video for Wage War’s “Low” below.