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We Will Never Get New System Of A Down | The Podcast That Rocked

The Podcast That Rocked episode for June 9th, 2020 featuring Geaux Gretchen.  Discussion on conflicting opinions within bands like System Of A Down, Bad Wolves, and Five Finger Death Punch, Talking about Black Lives Matter in the rock and metal community and supporting bands with black members, Ice Nine Kills VS Disney, and more.  Click below for discussion topics and links.

We Will Never Get New System Of A Down
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Discussion Topics: 
-Serj and John from System Of A Down have wildly different political opinions. 
-Tommy Vext from Bad Wolves is all in with conspiracy theories. 
-Discussing bands with black members. 
-Ice Nine Kills gets revenge on Mickey Mouse 
-Mainstream Top 3 (STILL GODSMACK!)

Ice Nine Kills – The Disney Revenge Show [Documentary]
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After weeks of research & interviews with independent journalist, military personnel, entertainment industry professionals, a virologist & many ex Democrats I think I have some understanding of what is going on here. PLEASE REMEMBER THIS IS HOW I HAVE PROCESSED ALL THE INFORMATION I HAVE FOUND/ BEEN GIVEN. I BEG EVERYONE WHO WATCHES THIS TO DO THERE OWN RESEARCH AND COME TO THEIR OWN CONCLUSIONS ON THIS ISSUE. I COULD VERY WELL BE WRONG. REMEMBER I AM JUST A ROCKSTAR & NOT A POLITICIAN NOR DO I HAVE A DEGREE IN POLITICAL SCIENCE. IM SIMPLY JUST ANOTHER AFRICAN AMERICAN CITIZEN CALLING BULLSHIT ON VOLUNTARY SLAVERY. SO PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WITH DOCUMENTATION & DM ME @davidjharrisjr @ibnicolearbour @the_typical_liberal @deviantgentlemen @realcandaceowens @stevekuclo @dc_draino

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Godsmack – “Unforgettable”
Bad Wolves – “Sober”
Five Finger Death Punch – “A Little Big Off”

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10 Bad Songs On Great Bands!

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