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A Night of Rock’n’Roll Burlesque with Naughty Noir and Eric13

Some of you may be curious about how to best celebrate the night after Valentines’. Besides the obvious tradition of stocking up on steeply discounted chocolate, I would suggest heading out to a rock’n’roll burlesque show. Glitter! Butts! Glory! by Naughty Noir featuring acoustic performances by none other than Eric13 was the show to attend. I would argue it was a big contender for a pretty badass Tuesday night. 

Eric13 is known for his multifaceted career in the rock ‘n’ roll scene as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He wears many hats and you’ll find his name in multiple bands such as: Sex Slaves, Candy Volcano, The Pinheads, and Combichrist as well as his solo projects. The Naughty Noir burlesque troupe was founded by Puss-n-Boots and Mistress Ginger in New York City. Prior to this date, both Eric13 and Naughty Noir had collaborated as a virtual act. Tonight would bring the two together for the first time. 

It was a full-on experience of amazing tunes and performances by the numerous burlesque dancers. My favorite moment however was during Eric13’s opening act. Picture this: Eric13 on his acoustic guitar strumming and singing along. When a dancer wearing a white wolf mask and a red sequined blazer and shorts combo struts onto the stage. Eric13 sang about Little Red Hood’s misadventures while the wolfy-lady tantalized the crowd. I’ve posted a snippet of this performance on Instagram for all those curious. I promise it was a sight to be seen.

The show was far from over. Music was aplenty and a welcoming ambience surrounded by musicians and dancers throughout the venue. In the second act, Eric13 worked up the crowd with his rendition of Billy IdolsRebel Yell and David Bowie’s Five Years. Afterwards, Naughty Noir’s Mistress Ginger joined him on stage for her dance routine to his single, Black Lipstick. Towards the end of the set, drummer Texas from Banana Fish Zero joined Eric13 and punched up the acoustic performance. 

As with all good things, the glitter, butts, glory, and music came to an end. However that only means that in order to get a glimpse of this artistry all you have to do is check them out at their links listed below.

Naughty Noir
: Instagram | YouTube

Eric13: Instagram | Twitch | Patreon

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