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Baroness Is Golden | Photos | St. Louis, MO

Photos of Baroness at The Ready Room.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
in St. Louis, MO on July 28th, 2019.

According to John Baizley, St. Louis is a home away from home. He addressed St. Louis as a second home at The Ready Room mid set and thanked the crowd for always coming to Baroness shows over the years. Not only are their family roots from the band in the gateway to the west, but this band feels like that extended family that makes everything better when they visit.

This was my third time seeing Baroness live and it was by far the best I have heard them sound. Whether it was the technical sound they demonstrated while covering the Green Theme, bringing up an additional singer/violinist for “Cold Blooded Angels”, or the sing-along that came with “Chlorine and Wine”, Baroness nailed it in St. Louis with their performance.

The band is currently promoting the release of the latest (and final) in the color theme album Gold & Grey. The setlist included many of these new golden tracks that shined through the night. There was good variety in said setlist (photo attached in the gallery) from songs throughout the years and one of the biggest moments came from the crowd singing along to “Shock Me” which might have startled the foot traffic outside of the venue.

With new guitarist in Gina Gleason now having recorded with the band and Baroness touring heavily through 2019, it begs the question what will the band do next? Will there be a new set of concept albums or maybe a live album? Will Baroness go overseas? Regardless of what direction the band will head in next, it’s clear they are still capable of smooth sailing as well as bringing along many fans who want to set sail with the crew.

You can find upcoming tour dates and more information on Baroness’ Facebook page here: Baroness on Facebook. Click on any photo above to open the gallery and scroll below to hear new music from the band’s latest album and an album review on Gold & Grey.