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Beartooth Brings the Heat to Richmond, VA

It felt surreal to be back in a venue to see Beartooth perform in Richmond, VA on Friday, April 22, 2022. Beartooth was the last concert performance I saw before the world shut down back in January 2020, so seeing them again felt like things were coming full circle.  

Beartooth opened up with a large sheet that covered the stage and their logo spotlighted right in the center. A deep-voiced boomed over the sound system, commanding the attention of everyone in attendance. Suddenly, frontman Caleb Shomo was illuminated behind the sheet; only his silhouette was shown, but the crowd was more than ready. As soon as the sheet dropped and the music began, confetti cannons fired above the crowd to their song Below; confetti would continue to rain over the crowd for the remainder of the set. Almost immediately the most pits formed, and the crowd surfing began.

The energy from Beartooth fed into the crowd and the crowd welcomed it with open arms. The stage presence was one to be reckoned with and Beartooth didn’t hold back. Along with the momentum that continued throughout the set, there were a number of details that really sold the show, such as the video board set up behind the band that displayed various video visuals for each song, as well as the spectacular light production that accompanied. 

Beartooth Setlist 
Fed Up 
Body Bag 
The Lines 
Beaten in Lips 
Phantom Pain 
You Never Know 
Bad Listener 
In Between 
The Past Is Dead
The Last Riff

Included on The Below Tour Part 2 were bands Silverstein, The Devil Wears Prada, and ERRA. I had never seen any of these bands live but was pleasantly surprised at how much energy each band brought to the Richmond crowd that night. The crowd never faltered in their momentum and excitement for this lineup even as the evening progressed, and the concertgoers grew in numbers. With live performances in full swing again, it’s incredible to see just how excited crowds are for all bands on lineups and not just the headliners. The tour will conclude Tuesday, May 3 in Louisville, KY, with a final date in Beartooth’s hometown of Columbus, OH on Saturday, August 6, 2022. 

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The Below Tour Pt. 2 at The National.
All photos and review by Gretchen Smither
on April 22, 2022 in Richmond, VA.

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