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Best New Music April 2022 | Playlist

Streamed on New Music Night and voted on by Rocked viewers, this is a playlist of songs all given the highest percentage of positive votes through April of 2022. Each song was played to a live audience and voted on with a thumbs up or thumbs down by each viewer on Twitch.

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Best New Music April 2022

Featuring (in order of time added to the list):
Lamb Of God & Megadeth – “Wake Up Dead”
BRKN LOVE – “Like A Drug”
Blu DeTiger – “Hot Crush Lover”
Errorr – “Sixxx”
Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Here Ever After”
Rammstein – “Zick Zack”
Apocalyptica, Franky Perez, Geezer Butler – “I’ll Get Through It”
Electric Callboy, FiNCH – “Spaceman”
Clutch – “Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)”
Stick To Your Guns – “Weapon”
Kreator – “Strongest Of The Strong”
Alestorm – “Magellan’s Expedition”
Pattern-Seeking Animals – “Only Passing Through”
The Midnight – “Change Your Heart Or Die”
Classless Act ft. Justin Hawkins – “This Is For You”
Grey Daze – “Saturation (Strange Love)
LIMBS – “Coma Year”
Sigrid & Bring Me The Horizon – “Bad Life”
Kirk Hammett – “High Plains Drifter”
Of Monsters And Men – “This Happiness”
Boston Manor – “Foxglove”

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