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Best New Music August 2021

Streamed on New Music Night and voted on by Rocked viewers, this is a playlist of songs all given the highest percentage of positive votes through August of 2021. Each song was played in full to a live audience and voted on with a thumbs up or thumbs down by each viewer on Twitch.

You can listen to new music live and join the discussion every Sunday at 7PM EST on Twitch. Click here to follow and for go-live notifications: HTTP://twitch.tv/rockednet

Best New Music August 2021

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Thanks to everyone who watched, listened, and voted during the New Music Streams. Keep spreading the word to get more people involved in the New Music Night discussions. It’s much more than people just playing random sound effects during bad songs and trying to make me laugh (though that is a fun part of it). Two hours of new rock, metal, alternative, indie, punk, industrial, etc for every stream.

Also, if you have suggestions on how to make New Music Night streams better, just let me know on Twitter or during a stream. I’m always looking for improvement to make the stream better for everyone. This is something I look forward to every week now and am happy people are enjoying it.

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