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Best New Music February 2022 | Spotify Playlist

Streamed on New Music Night and voted on by Rocked viewers, this is a playlist of songs all given the highest percentage of positive votes through February of 2022. Each song was played to a live audience and voted on with a thumbs up or thumbs down by each viewer on Twitch.

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Best New Music February 2020 – Spotify Playlist


Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Black Summer”
Korn – “Lost In The Grandeur”
Corey Taylor – “On The Dark Side”
Killing Joke – “Lord Of Chaos”
Shadow Academy – “White Whale”
Scorpions – “Seventh Sun”
Ed Sheeran & Bring Me The Horizon – “Bad Habits”
Amon Amarth – “Put Your Back Into The Oar”
Edge Of Paradise – “Believe”
THICK – “Love You Forever”
Bad Omens – “The Grey”
Starbenders – “Seven White Horses”
Bloodywood – “Dana Dan”
Coheed And Cambria – “The Liars Club”
VOWWS – “One By One”

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