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Best New Music January 2022 | Spotify Playlist

Streamed on New Music Night and voted on by Rocked viewers, this is a playlist of songs all given the highest percentage of positive votes through January of 2022. Each song was played to a live audience and voted on with a thumbs up or thumbs down by each viewer on Twitch.

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Best New Music January 2022 – Spotify Playlist

Muse – “Won’t Stand Down”
Slash ft. Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators – “Call Off The Dogs”
Rolo Tomassi – “Closer”
Blacktop Mojo – “Strike Me”
Scorpions – “Rock Believer”
Loathe – “Dimorphous Display”
Ghost – “Call Me Little Sunshine”
Loathe, Teenage Wrist – “Is It Really You?”
Bad Omens – “Like A Villain”
Deaf Havana – “Going Clear”
Undeath – “Rise From The Grave”
Placebo – “Try Better Next Time”
Moodring – “Disintegrate”
Bloodywood – “Aaj”
Battle Beast – “Wings Of Light”
Shinedown – “Planet Zero”
Light The Torch – “Death Of Me”
Jethro Tull – “The Zealot Gene”
Kailee Morgue – “Another Day In Paradise”
Whitechapel – “Anticure”

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