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Bloodywood wows NYC with a bloody great time at Gramercy Theatre on Saturday October 1st.

Bloodywood has made their way into the States with their fiery Nine Inch Naans tour. Emerging from New Delhi, India, the band inaugurated their North American tour at the Larger Than Life Festival and is making its rounds throughout the country with a glorious stop in New York City. Gramercy Theatre was the only correct place to be that night because these metal legends were on fire. From beginning to end these guys did not let up.

The venue was at a fever pitch. From the front row all the way to the seats at the very back of the theater, every single person was prepared to welcome Bloodywood with metal horns high in the air and chanting “Bloodywood!”. The band walked up to the stage and the energy soared through the roof. I can honestly count with one hand the amount of times I’ve ever seen the crowd at Gramercy get that riled up for a band. It was fascinating to witness. The band and fans were smiling, just beaming with unadulterated delight.

Bloodywood consists of vocalist Jayant Bhadula, Karan Katiyar on guitars and flute, and rapper Raoul Kerr (not present for the New York date). On the road they have Sarthak Pahwa on the dhol, Roshan Roy on bass and drummer Vishesh Singh accompanying. Together these guys have created a niche in the scene that is truly an amazing sight. Blending genres and cultures in the most magnificent of ways making language barriers obsolete. 

Bhadula is a compelling frontman and constantly engaging the fans and bandmates. He immerses himself in the emotion and vulnerability of the performance. Katiyar switching between the guitar and the flute was spectacular. The addition of the flute brings a gentleness to the music that elevates the songs to all new levels and Katiyar executes it wonderfully. Watching Pahwa on the dhol was the first time I was able to witness that instrument in person and I was impressed! It’s loud, grand, and superbly powerful. Roy on bass is delightful to watch, he thoroughly enjoys being on stage and it shines through in his performance. He is right where he belongs. Singh on drums wraps everything together in perfectly executed succession. From the moment he got behind the drum kit until the very end, Singh was on fire for the entire night.

So listen up Arizona and Texas, from my experience, if they are stopping near you make sure to go out and see them. You will have a guaranteed great time. 

10/11 @ The Nile Theater – Mesa, AZ
10/13 @ Studio at The Factory – Dallas, TX

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