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Boston Manor Share New Track “Inertia”

Boston Manor have released another song from their forthcoming album Datura.

Says vocalist Henry Cox of the meaning behind the track, “‘Inertia’ is a love song I wrote for my wife, the support of whom has guided me through some of the darkest times in my adult life. The partners of touring artists are often forgotten about. They have to spend months alone without the person they love whilst we fly around the world with our friends. They comfort us when we’re home sick, cheer us one when we win, and console us when we lose. Often they can be a lifeline to our friends and family, a bridge back to the real world. To me, my wife is many things, home being one of them. This record is about a darkness in my life and the end of the album marks the exit from it. Without her, that never would have been possible.”

Datura will be released October 14 via SharpTone Records and features the previously released “Passenger,” which delves into the record’s nighttime aesthetic with the kind of intense and unrestrained burst of an anthemic chorus for which the band have become known in recent years. The darkness, literally and metaphorically, is also exemplified with “Foxglove,” the album’s crunching, catchy first single, released back in April.

This is an album that pushes the limits and stretches the boundaries of Boston Manor more than ever before, musically, lyrically, thematically, and conceptually. 2018’s Welcome To The Neighbourhood and 2020’s GLUE shifted the needle in terms of Boston Manor’s sound, incorporating synths into their framework and a heavy focus on atmosphere. Coming off the back of last year’s Desperate Times, Desperate Pleasures EP, Datura takes all that one step further. The first of two parts, this set of songs exists in the dim light between dusk and dawn. It’s a record you don’t just merely listen to, but one — from the moment the sinister opening strains of first song “Datura (dusk)” begin — you actually inhabit and experience. It’s a record that envelops you, drags you into the dark shadows, leaves you cold, breathless, and paranoid. The mood you’ve just been submerged in is inspired by Cox drinking too much during the height of the pandemic and the dark nights and darker mornings that followed.

“Datura (dusk)
“Floodlights On The Square”
“Shelter From The Rain”

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