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Rock Coliseum

Rock Coliseum: Song VS Song II

Rock Coliseum: Song VS Song II! A twist on the Rock Coliseum where the live audience suggests two songs, and we decide which one...
Alice In Chains Discography

Alice In Chains Discography | Tier List (ft. Crash Thompson)

Breaking down the Alice In Chains discography and compromising where to put each album in a tier list from gold to trash.  Joined by Crash Thompson,...
Rock Coliseum XII

Rock Coliseum XII (ft. ARTV, Spectrum Pulse, Crash Thompson)

Rock Coliseum XII where Jon from ARTV, Mark from Spectrum Pulse, Crash Thompson, and myself all ask the live audience for suggestions on bands/artists/albums...
Ivan Moody Dirty Poetry

Ivan Moody Dirty Poetry | Live Stream

A live stream for a classy reading of “Dirty Poetry”, from the contagiously contorted and quixotically twisted mind of Ivan Moody (he described himself...

Discovering Vended

Do you remember the first time you came across a particular song with a kind of voice that resonated and broadened your view on...
Best New Music September 2021

Best New Music September 2021 | Spotify Playlist

Streamed on New Music Night and voted on by Rocked viewers, this is a playlist of songs all given the highest percentage of positive...
Rock Coliseum

Rock Coliseum: Band VS Band III (Live Stream)

Rock Coliseum: Band VS Band III! Our live audience suggests two bands or artists and we decide which one gets the thumbs up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xdQHOVh1iE https://open.spotify.com/episode/0jTSJxtVs61GRYN2XEcTPg?si=KjDYkgbwTiC_NnCECW77XQ&dl_branch=1 Thank you...

Trashcore: When Metalcore Gets Desperate

Trashcore has been a plague within metalcore and deathcore for years. This video looks at what Trashcore is and some of the worst bands...

Rocksmith Bass Song List – Twitch Bass Play Night

Below is an ongoing list of all the songs I have on Rocksmith 2014 Remastered Edition for bass. If you are interested in making...
July 2021 Album Drops

Creeper, Powerwolf, Descendents, Born Of Osiris | July 2021 Album Drops

A look at several albums that dropped in July 2021, all voted on by Patrons. This video takes a look at American Noir by...

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