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Top 10 videos of various lists, because that's what YouTube loves most!
Concept Albums

10 Amazing Concept Albums

There are albums full of singles and filler, and then there are albums that tell a story. This video looks at 10...
10 Great Bands With Only One Album

10 Great Bands With Only One Album

We’ve heard of one-hit wonders, but what about one-album wonders? The groups who made one full LP, and that’s it? This video...
MTV Unplugged

Top 10 BEST MTV Unplugged Performances

MTV Unplugged was (and still is) a special event for major artists and bands to show a different side of their music....
10 Bands Metal Elitists Hate

10 Bands Metal Elitists Hate

Metal Elitists are a major reason why the popularity of metal has fallen over the years. Some bands have been big targets...
Banned By MTV

10 Music Videos Banned By MTV

Remember when MTV revolved around music videos? Remember when some music videos were too intense even for MTV? Let’s look at 10...
Rock Icons In Black History

10 Rock Icons In Black History

Rock music would not be the same without the contributions of legendary Black musicians. This video looks at 10 Rock Icons In...
10 Great Nu Metal Albums

10 Great Nu Metal Albums (yes, really)

Much of Nu Metal gets a bad rap (and sometimes deservedly so), but there were great Nu Metal bands and music. This...
Bands Original Names

20 Famous Bands’ Original Names

Most iconic bands have an amazing and recognizable name. Before having a great name, sometimes they are known as something ridiculous. This...
10 Amazing Women Guitarists

10 Amazing Women Guitarists

There are several women leading the way in the world of heavy music. This video looks at 10 amazing women guitarists.
10 Terrible Political Songs

10 Terrible Political Songs

There are some musicians who deliver powerful messages with great music. Others fail miserably at both. This video looks at 10 terrible...

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