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Top 10 videos of various lists, because that's what YouTube loves most!

10 Reasons Why Machine Gun Kelly Is Awful

Machine Gun Kelly has been a controversial figure across two genres and for many reasons. This video looks at 10 reasons why MGK is...

10 Reasons Why Dave Grohl Is Awesome

Dave Grohl has been named by many as the nicest guy in rock. This video looks at 10 reasons why Dave Grohl is awesome. Click...

10 Rock Songs Written As A Joke

Some of the biggest musicians in rock have not always been as serious as history remembers. Sometimes, the music is just for a laugh....
Bad Movies With Great Soundtracks

10 Great Soundtracks For Bad Movies

There are many bad movies out there, but there is a surprising amount of strong official soundtracks for terrible cheese. This video looks at...
Metalcore Albums

10 Great Metalcore Albums (yes, really)

Metalcore gets looked down at unfairly and over the past 20 years, we have had a lot of great albums to talk about. This...
Kid Rock Sucks

10 Reasons Why Kid Rock Is Awful

Kid Rock has spent years pandering, using other musicians’ music, and being problematic. This video looks at 10 reasons why Kid Rock is awful. Robert...
Trent Reznor Is Awesome

10 Reasons Why Trent Reznor Is Awesome

Trent Reznor has many accolades and industrial, alternative, and heavy music in general would not be the same without him and Nine Inch Nails....
Bands With Gimmicks

10 Bands With Great Gimmicks

In the previous video, I talked about how gimmicks can use bands to elevate themselves. Now it’s time to show examples. This video looks...
Musicians That Got Sober

10 Rock And Metal Musicians That Got Sober

The world of rock and roll is not always glamorous and many have suffered behind the scenes. Fortunately, there is always help. This video...
10 Singers In More Than One Band

10 Singers In More Than One Band

Some singers are so talented and creative that one band isn’t enough. This video looks at 10 singers in more than one band. Click here...

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