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Chevelle – NIRATIAS | Album Review

A review on Nothing Is Real And This Is A Simulation, or NIRATIAS, the ninth studio album from Chevelle. How does this journey into the great beyond turn out for a band going for over 25 years?

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Chevelle NIRATIAS Album Review

Chevelle is an American rock band formed in Grayslake, Illinois, in 1995. The band was originally composed of two brothers Pete Loeffler (lead vocals and guitar) and Sam Loeffler (drums and percussion), along with Matt Scott (bass and backing vocals). Scott was replaced by Sam and Pete’s brother, Joe Loeffler in 1996. When Joe left the band in 2005, Geno Lenardo subbed-in as the touring bassist until he was replaced by Pete and Sam’s brother-in-law, Dean Bernardini. Bernardini later departed from the band in 2019. Chevelle has sold over four million albums in the United States.

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