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COUNTERFEIT. Lights Up Brooklyn, NY | Photos

Photos of COUNTERFEIT. at The Knitting Factory
All photos taken by Ana Santos
in Brooklyn, NY on September 10th, 2019

One and a half years since their last run through Brooklyn, NY, COUNTERFEIT. has returned to shake things up once more.

While it has been rather quiet as the band works away on their sophomore album, one merely has to take a look at the band’s socials to see that as a whole COUNTERFEIT. has evolved since their raucous 2017 debut Together We Are Stronger. Bright colors have replaced much of the black, and a more positive outlook has replaced the deliciously punk-rock anger of the debut album. But that is not to say that COUNTERFEIT. feels like an entirely different band, because they certainly don’t.

Despite having performed a slew of new material – the upcoming album in its entirety, to be exact – COUNTERFEIT. remains as engaged, energetic and raw as they’ve ever been. Frontman Jamie Campbell Bower did not waste any opportunity to bring the show into the crowd – quite literally. Jumping down from the stage at Brooklyn’s The Knitting Factory no less than three times, Bower created a ridiculously fun, intimate atmosphere that, new material notwithstanding, felt wholly connected.

COUNTERFEIT. have signed on with Lava/Republic Records, and will be releasing their sophomore album later this year. Stay tuned for more info!

In the meantime, check out the video for the new single, “It Gets Better” below.

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