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Deafheaven – Infinite Granite | Album Review

A video album review on Infinite Granite, the fifth studio album from Deafheaven. How does the change in style work for the black/shoegaze/metal/unidentifiable group? 

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Deafheaven – Infinite Granite | Album Review

Deafheaven is an American post-metal band formed in 2010. Deafheaven’s musical style has been described by Rolling Stone as a “boundary-pushing blend of black metalshoegaze and post-rock“. 

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10 Intense Onstage Injuries!

“Great Mass Of Color”
“The Gnashing”
“In Blur”

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deafheaven-infinite-granite-album-reviewOverall, Infinite Granite is an attempt at evolution from a band wanting to be known for more than one trick. Technically sound, still feeling like a Deafheaven album, but less extreme and more serene. While not all moments are memorable, it still feels like the group is desperately trying to express a world of emotion through music. There are glimpses of that which shine through some of the granite.