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Dirty Honey Find Their Fans At Louder Than Life | Photos

Photos of Dirty Honey at Louder Than Life.
All photos taken by Luke Spencer
in Louisville, KY on September 28th, 2019.

Dirty Honey is in the perfect position to explode in the rock world. Not only has the unsigned band gone to #1 with “When I’m Gone” but are also currently supporting Alter Bridge & Skillet on tour.

For those unaware, Dirty Honey has the fuzzy, gritty rock and roll vibe with no effects that has becoming missing in 2019. It’s definitely a throwback when rock and roll was a style meant to make you feel alive. Their style is better said by band member Marc Labelle:
“We don’t want to bring anything back, we just want to make music that’s sexy and hard rocking all at the same time.”

That statement from Labelle truly fits what the style is going for. At the front of crowd on day two of Louder Than Life, there were several fans with Dirty Honey shirts on supporting the group. It also helped that Guns N’ Roses were playing that night and DH have now opened a couple shows for the iconic rock band.

The road is wide open for these men and when a full album finally comes, it’ll be exciting to see how things take off for them. Until then, you can check out some of their sexy and hard rocking music below.

You can find upcoming tour dates and more info
on the band’s Facebook page here:
Dirty Honey on Facebook

“When I’m Gone”
“Rolling 7s”