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Five Finger Death Punch Heats Up Norfolk, VA | Photos

“And that’s what it looks like when you go to a strip club with Kid Rock.”

Those words would normally be enough to drive anyone to leave a concert, but not when it comes to Five Finger Death Punch. Those in attendance know that’s just part of the charm and humor that is frontman, Ivan Moody.

On Monday, December 2, Las Vegas heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch rolled through Norfolk, VA on their Fall 2019 arena tour. With guests Fire From the Gods, Bad Wolves, and Three Days Grace, fans were treated to a powerhouse lineup that left the crowd energized. Even on a Monday night.

Setting the scene for the evening, a white sheet was draped in front of the stage and when the moment came for the band to reveal themselves to the crowd, loud firecrackers reverberated through the arena as the sheet dropped. The night was filled with numerous hits from the band’s extensive discography. From delivering hard and heavy tunes like “Jekyll and Hyde,” “No One Gets Left Behind,” and “Got Your Six,” to acoustic versions of “Wrong Side of Heaven” and “Battle Born,” the band offered a great deal of variety to their fans. Between the copious amounts of pyro used, the always changing colorful lights that accompanied every song, and the endless supply of confetti sprayed into the crowd, there was ample visual stimuli. There was even a moment where guitarist Jason Hook was lifted 20+ feet into the air to shred on his guitar during “Coming Down.”

It was clear that new comer, drummer Charlie Engen, easily fit right in with the rest of the band. There was a stir earlier in the year as to who would replace longtime member Jeremy Spencer after he parted ways with the group in December 2018 following health concerns. Although Engen doesn’t don the skeleton getup that Spencer once did, he certainly made his presence known on stage even without it.

As is typical for a Five Finger Death Punch show, Moody showed his deep admiration and appreciation to those members of the military in the audience. Adding on to this moving moment between the lead singer and the crowd, Moody also voiced his love and support for those who have battled against addiction and, much like himself, are on the road to recovery. Although Moody is often painted as being hot-headed, there’s no denying that he truly cares for his fans no matter their walks of life.

As a fan of Five Finger Death Punch, I always enjoy their performances. Say what you will about them, this group knows how to put on a show and entertain the masses. The energy from every single member of the band is enough to stir even the most sedentary concert goer to their feet. My only wish for future shows from them is less focus on cover songs and more incorporation of their original work. That’s not me saying I dislike their covers. On the contrary, I absolutely love them. But I also really love their original ones. Those heavy, in-your-face songs are what made me fall in love with the group in the first place.

The tour wraps up December 15 in Des Moines, IA before they kick off their Winter 2020 European tour with Megadeath and Bad Wolves. The band has also announced a big tour next year with Papa Roach. Tour dates can be found on Five Finger Death Punch’s Facebook page here: Five Finger Death Punch on Facebook.

Lift Me Up
Wash It All Away
Jekyll and Hyde
Sham Pain
Bad Company
No One Gets Left Behind
Got Your Six
The Agony of Regret
Wrong Side of Heaven (Acoustic)
Battle Born (Acoustic)
Blue On Black
Coming Down
Never Enough
Burn MF
Under and Over It
The Bleeding

Photos of Five Finger Death Punch at Chartway Arena.
All photos taken by Gretchen Smither
in Norfolk, VA on December 2nd, 2019.

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